Hello to all ! This year, more than ever before, people are becoming aware of the restraints to be observed for the good of our planet Earth. Yesterday we advocated that polluters pay for the damage, but today, it’s evident that paying will not be enough and everyone needs to get involved. Consequently, I believe the efforts from all will have a more lasting impact than the exploits of the few. This is why Champagne Benoît Mahieux will continue to implement good cultivation practices in our vineyards. We operate conventionally but are veering towards integrated cultivation and are also interested in organic and biodynamic practices. Thus, this year I have aligned my operations with a sustainable approach. In conclusion to this Editorial, I would like to talk about the best wines. In fact, they do not exist. It is an illusion that everyone is looking for but that no one ever finds. The best wine is the one you like. Forget the clichés and discover our products !